Ted Griffin

Ted Griffin – Executive Producer of Today’s Cross Country!

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Ted Griffin is the Executive Producer of the Show and he’s by far the best I’ve ever seen! This man is incredible! When we work together producing a show, a lot of our time is talking about what God is doing in our lives. I love this man like a brother.

Hello, my fiend. I am excited to be a part of Today’s Cross Country as the producer of the show. My prayer is that as you listen, you’ll hear the heart of the artist we feature and in some small way, it will help you feel that Grace that the Lord allowed me to experience over 35 years ago. If you are struggling with the challenges of life… You came to the right place to find some peace. I am confident that god is in the middle of this show and the music WILL make a difference just for you. Default 2
Default 3 Today’s Cross Studio not only offers the Christian Coutry music show, but audio production as well. We offer production or just vocal. We can deliver the product to you by e-mail or ftp.
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